I am Min Chua-Lee, a final year student at London College of Communications, University of Arts, studying Sound Arts and Design. This blog encapsulates my preliminary work needed for the execution of two projects which relate to the concepts of silence, and the effect of music on health. My passion for the subject stems from my working alongside a professional sound designer regularly doing music production, which enhanced and developed my interest in the aesthetics of sound, such as its history and culture.

The first project, which is related to the notions of silence and purity is inspired by John Cage’s “4’33′”. It explores the idea of how emptiness and or purity, just like absolute silence can never exist owing to environmental factors. I am creating a film which also portrays this idea, basing it around mirrors. Just like Cage’s 4’33” which cannot be absolute in their emptiness and or silence  due to external elements,  mirrors are objective and truthful but are constantly affected by what is going on around them (i.e. outside of them.)

The second project is about music’s impact on physiology. I am interested in how music can affect the mind and has effects on pain. My initial ideas for this project came from the viewing of “Patch Adams” , a film about how laughter can cure sick people. I then became drawn to the idea of how sound can affect people’s recovery, relieving stress and be a therapeutic tool towards wellbeing and positive thinking.

This blog acts as the nucleus for these two project, detailing my creative journey towards their execution.



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