Hall of Mirrors, revised


I have now edited my “Hall of Mirrors” project by shortening its duration, selecting which scenes I liked to be included and creating an ambient noise soundtrack. The finished result is above.

I used many machine sounds for the soundtrack, this being because it reflects the body which is in some ways a very complex machine. I feel that this also links to Cage’s experience in the anechoic chamber in 1951 since it is here where he attempted to explore silence but he could still hear his circulatory system in motion.

The quote from Salome Voeglin in her book: “Listening to Noise and Silence: Toward a Philosophy of Sound Art ” is apt:

Silence is not the absence of sound but the beginning of listening. This is listening as a generative process not of noises external to me, but from inside, from the body, where my subjectivity is at the centre of the sound production, audible to myself. Silence reveals to me my own sounds: my head, my stomach, my body becomes their conductor.”
– Salomé Voegelin






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