Yoga Laughter

The inspiration behind my Music and Health project stems from the film “Patch Adams” about a physician who used laughter to cure sicknesses. This concept fuelled my interest into how sounds can affect the body and mind, therefore leading to my investigation into music and health.

Before, I wanted to use laughter in my creative pieces to reflect the ethos of Patch Adams. However, in the end I simply used heartbeats. I feel that it may have been a good idea to have stuck to my original idea of incorporating laughter as this would make my music more innovative. Nevertheless, since I was led to go down the path of meditation, were I to use laughter in my work the sounds would not mesh and would not help the listener reach a meditative state.

I came across the concept of “Yoga Laughter” which bridges my meditation tracks with the concept of laughter.  This exercise form entails people to voluntarily laugh, and thereby improve their wellbeing since laughter increases the amount of oxygen to the body and brain.








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