Listening to Silence

silence (1)I have become aware of a bridge between my two projects, this being the concept of “Silence” which takes part in John Cage’s work as an artistic form and also plays a role in influencing our health.  By embracing silence we become aware to background noise such as a bird song or the sound of wind. By following Cage’s philosophy by “letting sounds be themselves”, arising at random occurrences  enables us to find a peaceful stillness within ourselves.

Although Cage saw silence as  encompassing environmental noise, if we were to look at silence in the more generic format  we realise that  interestingly silence can be just as powerful as any other noise since between noises we hear pocket-holes of silence, fleeting as they may be. Every noise is followed by silence and we cannot filter it out. They therefore become part and parcel with the sounds around us. We can find acceptance with our surroundings by realising this, realising that silence is ever present and that it can mesh with the natural soundscapes around us and if we embrace this soundscape we can  find oneness with ourselves, and therefore embark towards wellbeing.


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